Operations Addendum



Clean Plane: The windshield and interior of the plane shall be cleaned after each flight. All personal gear should be removed from the aircraft once parked in the KIWI hanger.


Control Lock: The control lock shall be installed when parked outside, unattended.


Doors: Doors shall be locked when parked outside, unattended.


Electronics: The audio and navigation stack shall be left on at the individual equipment switches when shutting down the engine. The transponder shall be placed in Stand-by with the code set to 1200. All lights switches turned off once the engine is killed, followed by the Master Switch.


Flight Bag: The key and flight bag shall remain in the aircraft at all times when the aircraft is parked inside the KIWI hanger.


Fueling: Winter Rule (1 October 30 April): After each and every flight the fuel tanks shall be filled to the brim.

Summer Rule (1 May 30 Sept.): Fuel prior to your flight to levels sufficient for the operation. After flight leave fuel level as is.


Headsets: The four Flighttime headsets shall remain in the plane at all times. If personal phones are used, the Flighttime phones shall be reinstalled, with the headsets left neatly in the seat.


Leaning: More discussion to follow. Only lean when power setting is below 75%. When at or below 75% power (check altitude, temperature, and rpm) lean the engine until beginning signs of roughness, then enrich the mixture just until smoothness is achieved.


Pitot Tube Cover: The pitot tube cover shall be installed any time the aicraft is parked (inside or out) and unattended.


VOR Checks: Any VOR checks shall be recorded on the back of the time sheets and shall include location, date, and variance. This information will then be transcribed on the Flighttime status board located in the hanger.


Windows: The windows shall be kept closed when the airplane is parked (inside or out) and unattended.